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Tips on Job Search: Dress the Part

Tips on Job Search: Dress the Part

Have you seen how some people dress for interviews? Some attires will make you think they are going to a party or they are going to the grocery store. The very first thing your prospective employers comes across is your CV. When they decide to grant you an interview, they are hoping to put a face and body to the CV. Guess what? It’s not only what you have upstairs that will make an impression.

You start to make an impression the minute you walk into the premises. Your attitude matters. How you dress also matters. If you apply for the post of a secretary, the bitter truth is you probably will not get the job if you wear a really short skirt with a crop top. No! Employers want their secretaries to be formal and professional. They don’t want someone distracting them or future clients. Without further ado, here are some tips you should consider when dressing for your next interview:

  • Keep It Moderate: This tip right here is for the ladies. Ladies, even if it is the hardest thing you can do, keep your outfit as moderate as possible. No, we don’t want to see your belly button. No, we don’t want to see your cleavage. We also don’t want to see the tattoo you have on your waist. If you don’t believe us, ask employers around you. The human brain is wired to expect professionalism when it wants it. If you go for your interview wearing a shirt, nice trousers, and heels, trust us, you will get your prospective employer to consider you for the postion. Doubt it? Try this tip for your next interview.
  • Cleanliness Matters: Now, let’s be real honest here. What do you think of people you see with dirty clothes and scruffy faces? Come on, tell us. Bosses dislike their workers coming to work dirty. Even if your work is quite messy, your employer expects you to come to work looking clean before you get down to the nitty gritty of the activities. For your next interview, make sure your clothes are clean. Men, shave your beard. Wash your face. Smell nice. Your first time in that room could be your last time. Make the impression last!
  • Be Comfortable: How you feel matters the most. Have you noticed how you feel when you’re uncomfortable in your outfit? Your whole carriage will be affected. You might not be able to walk well. Your clothes might rip. The most embarrassing thing for a boss is to see you constantly pulling down your “too-short” skirt or adjusting your “too-tight” trousers. Please, do yourself a favor and dress for your shape and size. Choose comfortable clothes.
  • Keep a Smile on Your Face: Would you want to hire someone that looks grumpy? When we don’t smile, it not only makes our face age. It tells anybody that comes in contact with us that we are not friendly. Employers don’t want clients scared off because of a worker that refuses to smile. Smiling at people instantly makes them believe that can trust you. Fact.

The truth is we cannot tell you what to wear. We cannot tell you to wear bold colors or drab looking clothes all because you want to get a job. All we have done is just give you tips to consider in choosing your interview clothes. The rest is up to you. But, let’s put this to you: “If you were in your prospective employer’s shoes, how would you expect applicants to dress for an interview”?


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