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Top Careers for 2017

When searching for a job, one can often opportunities in growing fields. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics annually puts out a list of the career paths which are showing the most expansion.  A variety of jobs appear on the list for 2017, offering a wide variety of opportunities for job seekers. Although not comprehensive, the list below shows several of the careers on this year's list. Athletic Trainer Biochemist Biomedical Engineer Compliance Officers Computer Applictions Software Engineer Dental Assistants and Hygenists Financial Analysts Fitness Trainers Occupational Therapy Aides and Assistants Physical Therapists Pheysical Therapy Aides Skin Care Specialists Veterinarians The technology and health care fields again dominate this year's list. It is safe to say looking for opportunities in these areas is a good option for new grads or those with more experience in the workforce. Check out our Job Links page on JobMidway.com for the latest openings in all of the these fields.

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HOW TO FIND JOB IN CHICAGO Job seekers who want to find jobs with Chicago top companies, can spend a lot of time trolling job sites and sending resumes en masse without culling much of an employer response let alone landing an interview. Employers still receive between 102 and 137 average applications per job from both social-media networks and job boards, says a 2014 study from Baron Hall Group. Effective job search and generating employer interest requires careful thought, research and strategy. To help maximize your job search and get you on your desired career path, consider following instructions  Understand your job search criteria. Figure out your top five priorities -- whether it is company culture, salary or a specific job position with Chicago Illinois employers. “If you understand what motivates you as an employee, it will be easier to target your applications to opportunities that match your skills and ambitions,” Say Paul Sandusky, vice-president of talent acquisition and development at Ceridian, an HR software company. Also be flexible.…

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Jobs with Kansas City’s Largest Employers

Jobs with Kansas City’s Largest Employers A job search is certainly a hard thing to embark upon. People that have faced it have stories to tell about the hardship they went through. If you have a conversation with people currently looking for gainful employment, the expression and the emotions on their face will tell you far more than their words will. Kansas City in the heart of Missouri has an unemployment rate of 3.9%. The Labor Department recently passed out a circular that private sector jobs had increased by 9,500 in the past year. This is a wonderful improvement and a great achievement. Despite this, people are still complaining of lack of employment. What are the jobs available in Kansas? There are a cross section of jobs available. In a nutshell, the following are up for grabs: Government Employment: This is working with the federal government or in this case with a state government. Corporate Employment: You can get a good job with companies in…

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Tips on Job Search: Interviews

Tips on Job Search: Interviews Yay! If you have been invited for an interview by your prospective employer, you have already impressed him or her with your CV. Now, they will be on the lookout for the best candidate to fit the position. There are certain questions the employer will ask you. Usually, the person with the most appropriate answer wins. Remember what we discussed in “dress the part?” The first thing you need to have is confidence. You need to respond to the questions thrown at you with poise and self-assurance. Some employers will consider your demeanor more than your replies. However, if you are applying for some positions, both your response and demeanor will be considered. Here are some things your employer will consider: Your Interest in The Job: The company will want to know why exactly you’re interested in the job. Are you motivated by the remuneration or the genuine fact that you want to work? If it’s an organization that’s involved…

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Tips on Job Search: Dress the Part

Tips on Job Search: Dress the Part Have you seen how some people dress for interviews? Some attires will make you think they are going to a party or they are going to the grocery store. The very first thing your prospective employers comes across is your CV. When they decide to grant you an interview, they are hoping to put a face and body to the CV. Guess what? It’s not only what you have upstairs that will make an impression. You start to make an impression the minute you walk into the premises. Your attitude matters. How you dress also matters. If you apply for the post of a secretary, the bitter truth is you probably will not get the job if you wear a really short skirt with a crop top. No! Employers want their secretaries to be formal and professional. They don’t want someone distracting them or future clients. Without further ado, here are some tips you should consider when dressing…

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HOW TO FIND JOB IN CANADA Is saying goodbye to an employer really permanent? A recent survey from Monster Canada found that half of Canadians aged 18-34 would be likely to return to a previous employer. As for those Canadians nearing the end of their career, aged 55 and older, seven out of 10 have never returned to a job they left. "There is tremendous value in the relationships that people establish at work," says Sheryl Boswell, Director of Marketing, and Monster Canada. "Saying goodbye to an employer isn't always written in stone. These survey results show that, for Canadians, building bridges in your career is critical for unimagined opportunities." Finding Job Unless you are one of the lucky few who works in a high-demand career, finding a new job can be a challenging and frustrating experience. You can make the job-search a bit easier on yourself if you use proactive strategies for finding a new job with Canadian top companies — and the tips included…

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How to Find Jobs with America’s Largest Employers

HOW TO FIND JOBS WITH AMERICA’S LARGEST EMPLOYERS Are you seeking gainful employment? Are you tired of your old job and you’re looking for a new one? There are thousands of jobs available in America today. What most people go through is they have no idea on how to start looking for the job. Finding the largest employers in United States can come in various forms. It could mean the following: The Largest employers in terms of labor force: There are companies that require and employ hundreds of people to work for them. This is because of the large manpower and the skills needed to complete tasks and reach targets. Working with a large company has a lot of benefits. If you are a job seeker and you fall in this category, you are in for a treat. The compensation for working with companies like this outweighs the bulk of work you may be required to handle. Employers who pay the most: A lot of people…

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120,000 Workers Needed By Amazon!!!

120,000 Workers Needed By Amazon!!! No, you didn’t read the title wrong. You don’t have to wipe your eyes that maybe you’re seeing double. Amazon wants to hire 120,000 people. Yay! We know there are so many job seekers who check our blog so this is probably one of the best news you have heard in some time. The holidays is approaching so they need more workers to help out. Even if it is a temporary position, there may be a possibility you’ll work full time if your skills are impressive enough. Last year, they needed 14,000 temporary seasonal workers who transitioned to regular positions afterwards. So, do you want to become one of the new workers? They are offering positions in several states. Here they are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania South Carolina. Tennessee, Texas, Virginia Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin There you go. Is your state one of…

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Best Ways to Search for Jobs Online

Best Ways to Search for Jobs Online In our day to day lives and activities, the Internet has suddenly become a hub for searching for anything and everything. One search word, a few clicks and you have the information you want right in front of you. Searching for a job online has taken the place of searching for jobs in newspapers or checking news boards for posts on jobs. The good news is that there are several ways of scouting for jobs online without breaking a sweat. Here are some of the best ways: Update your LinkedIn account: A lot of people underestimate the power of having a LinkedIn account. They either doubt the testimonies of people that have gotten jobs through the avenue or they just do not believe they can get a job through it. LinkedIn can be utilized to connect with the right set of people. You can easily search based on your qualifications, interests and even connect with individuals who interest…

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